How can I tell if I have a damp problem?

If you have flaking and blistering paint or white salts appearing on your walls, then you have the signs of damp.

We Specialise In Treating All Forms Of Damp

Damp Guru specialises in treating all forms of damp. We have experience with various techniques to resolve the particular needs of our clients:

  • We have at our disposal the most up-to-date and sophisticated instruments (moisture meter, survey meter, damp meter). These are used to detect moisture readings, ingress points (where water enters), and damp meter levels. By using a variety of techniques we are able to resolve water proofing problems on roofs, concrete slabs, balconies and showers.
  • We can also install agricultural drains and waterproof basements.
  • Damp Guru is technologically savvy and makes use of a state of the art thermal image camera and conducts visual inspections to do damp detection or to find unseen moisture ingress. Using thermology combined with radio frequency Damp Guru is able to address all faults in a fast and non-destructive method of damp detection. There's no need for expensive and invasive stripping of plaster. The process can not only locate moisture but also creates an image showing temperature variations. Leaks and contained dampness create a temperature difference and this is highlighted by the camera.
  • Damp Guru uses a variety of tests (flood testing, rain simulation testing and dye testing) to determine the faults.

We Strive To Be Market Leaders

At Damp Guru we strive to be the market leaders and for this reason we always take our client's solutions to the next level.

Don't leave the solution of your damp problem to inexperienced and, often, unreliable contractors. Contact the Professionals and your problems will be resolved with visible guarantees.

Damp Guru is able to provide solutions for rising and lateral damp problems.

In most cases, rising damp is identified by moisture readings obtained around the base of the walls, however in more severe cases of prolonged dampness, visible damp patches may appear along with salts on the wall surfaces.

Did you know that we can distinguish what kind of fault you have as opposed to simply saying "Oh yes, it is damp"

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