Damp Certificates & Guarantees

Damp Guru is Able to Assist

Damp Guru is able to assist sellers; buyers; agents and third parties (banks; bond houses; insurance companies) with non-biased damp certification and verification on residential homes; commercial buildings; factories and office parks.

Being the leaders in our field we have vast knowledge on both material products and installations and are therefore above to provide our clients with approved certification and backing from The Damp Proofing and Waterproofing Association of South Africa (DWASA).

We are able to assist with the following damp inspections and to issue damp certificates, or damp certification for presence of the following:

  • Rising Damp (moisture drawing up a wall from the ground)
  • Lateral Damp (ingress drawing through a substrate)
  • Descending/falling Damp (ingress seeping down from above)

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  • I have got mould on my ceiling
  • Paint blistering
  • Damp spot
  • My balcony is leaking
  • Windows/door are leaking
  • Shower is leaking

Scenario / Example

Rising damp is stemming from a bridged DPC in conjunction with lateral damp drawing through a staircase, we would need to inject and apply a vertical DPC.

  • Client A can afford injection and applying a vertical DPC therefore Damp Guru would offer a full guarantee of 10 years. The reason being is that we are not simply blanketing the faults by applying a vertical DPC, rather addressing the fault line by chemical injection thereafter as a failsafe applying the vertical DPC. These products work hand-in-hand.
  • Client B can only afford the vertical DPC therefore we would simply be blanketing the faults and Damp Guru would therefore offer a 5 year labour guarantee.

In addition to the above guarantee there is also a manufactures product guarantee dependent on the product used.

Damp Guru General Guarantees

Due to the durability of materials used, Damp Guru offers a 12-15 month guarantee on membrane treatments (depending on the scope of work carried out), a 5 year guarantee on liquid treatments (area specific) and a 5 year labour guarantee on torch on subject to standard wear and tear of materials used and annual maintenance (recoating of silver coat). The material carries a 10 year manufactures' guarantee.

No guarantee will be honoured should there be any changes or interference to work carried out after completion by a 3rd party.

Damp Guru are approved applicators by the various product manufacturers and therefore we can offer our clients the best guarantees possible.

All guarantees are job or fault scenario specific. Should we deem necessary a dual treatment to offer a guaranteeable solution however if there are budget constraints we will revert back to the general Damp Guru guarantees.

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